Window Automation


We offer a comprehensive range of chain and linear actuators to automate awning windows, louver windows, sunshields and skylights. Window automation systems are perfect both for newly installed windows and for existing windows needing to be modernised. They are easy to install and even easier to use.

Do you want to maximise the operating comfort in your building or are you planning a natural or smoke ventilation system? Our experienced technicians will be happy to inform you about the suitable window automation system.


Awning Windows

We offer a wide range of chain actuators for top, bottom and side hinged windows. Because chain actuators require only limited space and can be installed on existing windows, window automation becomes very attractive for almost any situation. Furthermore, the high quality, reliability and stainless steel chains of our actuators ensure long lifetime and low maintenance costs. The actuators can be supplied as 24 V and 240 V models.


Louver Windows

Louver windows provide the perfect natural ventilation solution. If they are out of reach to operate manually or part of the buildings natural ventilation or smoke relief system, automation is required. We offer high quality in frame and linear rod actuators that meet every requirement with power capacity from 200 N to 2000 N.